The Science behind
Sales and Marketing

They focus on the latest tech trends.
We focus on increasing your revenue.

Don’t misunderstand - we love the tech stuff. We’ll use the latest and greatest tech to build you a beautiful, functional website. But your website needs to do more than just look good.

You need a website that will convert visitors into customers.

Most companies think of their website as an expense -- a cost of doing business. “Everyone else has a website, so I need to get one too.” Your website shouldn’t be in the expense column. It’s an investment that should have a measurable return. When you’re ready to invest in a new website, you want to know that your new site is actually going to bring in new customers.

I could not have been more impressed with the results for this first project: we achieved a 58% growth in revenues over the previous year period, drawing straggling customers back into the fold and introducing holiday shoppers to our winter specialties.
- Rick DelGreco
CEO, Florida Fruit Shippers

Most web projects are a bad investment.

We’ll tell you exactly what happens with most web projects:

  1. The business hires a web development company to create a new website.
  2. The development company asks vague questions about the “vision” for the website and starts building.
  3. The new website is released. The business crosses their fingers, says a prayer or two, and hopes that the new website will do something. Nobody is quite sure what it should do, but it has to be better than the old website, right?
  4. Then… Nothing Happens. The new website brings in just as much revenue as the old website - or sometimes less!

We know this because we saw it happen time and time again. This is why we created Media Science Lab. We build websites that are guaranteed to grow your bottom line.

Jose and Eric of Media Science Labs infused internet sales of my family-owned and operated business with energy and savvy. Within days of implementing a more aggressive optimization campaign based on a profound understanding of the ways in which search engines rank websites our internet sales began to grow and eventually translated to a growth rate of about 100% by the end of the year.
Earl Scales

We use extensive testing and analytics to PROVE that your new website is earning you more revenue.

That’s the part that’s missing from most development companies, they never actually verify that the new website does what everyone hopes.

At Media Science Lab, we don’t guess. We make iterative improvements to your site, making it incrementally better each time. Most importantly: We always verify that the new site has the desired lift in your key metrics (pageviews, inquries, conversions, etc.)

And with the wonders of modern technology, we can even test multiple versions of your website at the same time, so that we can compare different approaches and find out which one works best.

We don’t consider your new website complete just because everyone likes the way it looks. This is our guarantee: The project isn’t finished until we have increased your revenue. And if your website isn’t designed to generate revenue, then we guarantee to increase the key metric that you’re most interested in.